Superior Tyvek Cover

Soft Structure Vehicle Covers

Strong and versatile, with the ability to withstand daunting temperatures and weather conditions

  • NO CONDENSATION  Other covers lock in the moisture that can cause condensation that leads to mildew, rot and even rust
  • NO OXIDATION  Direct sunlight not only makes the interior of the car uncomfortably warm, it also oxidizes paint work leading to an unsightly haze developing on exposed surfaces
  • Protects from dust
  • Protects from heat and keeps interior cool
  • Superior water resistance
  • Protects from pollution
  • Protects from bird and tree droppings
  • Easy to fit and remarkably tough, Tyvek® covers are the simple, effective way to keep your car in truly top condition
  • In winter protects from frost and snow
  • 100% Recyclable
recycle Recyclable resistant Very Resistant

The impressive qualities of 100% recyclable Tyvek® covers

UV Resistant
Keeps Interior Clean Protects From Dust Water Resistant Easy Installation Breathable
Smooth Protects from Droppings Protects from Pollution Handwash Only Light

Numerous tests have shown that when a vehicle is protected by a cover made of DuPont™ Tyvek®, the temperature inside a vehicle remains nearly the same temperature as the outside, even after a vehicle has been baking in the sun all day. “In fact, the VEHICLE COVER MADE OF TYVEK® WAS THE ONLY VEHICLE COVER TESTED THAT ALMOST COMPLETELY ELIMINATED HEAT BUILD-UP.”

Colour: WHITE
Part No Vehicle Length Size
TVCCS 4.1m to 4.3m Small
TVCCM 4.3m to 4.5m Medium
TVCCL 4.5m to 4.8m Large
TVCCXL 4.8m to 5.3m X-Large
TVCCXXL 5.3m to 5.8m XX-Large
TVCC3L 5.8m to 6.0m XXX-Large