Boot Liners

Protects the load area of your vehicle from scuffing, scratching, spillage, sand, dust and mud.

Provides ideal protection whilst transporting your pets.

  • Custom made to fit each vehicle and to your specifications.
  • Protects the entire load area of your luxury 4X4, SUV, station wagon or car.
  • Made from our durable water resistant material which is easy to clean. Just wipe off stains and dog hairs with a damp cloth.
  • Can be made so that when the rear seats are folded down, the liner extends to protect right up to the back of the front seats.
  • Can be ordered with a bumper protector which folds out and hangs over the bumper. This protects the bumper from getting scratched and damaged.
  • Can be ordered with a rubber mat that fits over the base of the liner. This is recommended to prevent dogs and goods from sliding.
  • Fitted free of charge in our fitting bays.
  • Your choice of colour:- black, grey, brown or camo

Boot liner with bumper protector

Boot liner

Load liner with rear seat folded down

Load liner Prado

Load liner with rubber mat

Load liner Camo

Boot liner with bumper protector

Load liner covers back of rear seat

Load liner with rubber mat and bumper protection